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Timber Resin Repair is a method of replacing decayed timbers without needing to completely remove and replace timber joists and beams. Repairs can be caried out with minimum disturbance to surrounding structures including plasterwork, ceilings, or wall fabric. The resulting repair is stronger than the original timber and can be invisible to the eye.

Timber resin repairs are utilised in cases where timber does not necessarily need to be replaced but can be repaired and reinforced. Timber resin repairs can strengthen timbers which find themselves in a weakened condition.

  • Why Are Timber Resin Repairs Needed?


  • Why do we use epoxy resin?

    Epoxy resin will never shrink and the material is extremely strong, bonding well with the existing timber. We endorse epoxy resin to repair timber as it ensures repairs of many wood structures in a building rather than the expensive option of replacment.

  • How does it work?

    Our treatments provide an effective barrier protection around the wood ensuring the rich and origional colour of the timber is virtually unchanged. The process involves removing the decayed section of timbers and then slots and/or holes drilled in both the new and existing timber to receive reinforcing bars. The bars are placed in the slots, and resin is poured or injected to surround the reinforcement bars which then hardens to bond together the sections of timber.


We use various survey methods to ensure the right diagnosis is made depending on your specific problem. Our specialist engineers will ensure the results you receive are effective and long lasting.